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Friday, 18 March 2016

How we Plan

We are attempting to make our planning more visible.

Grade 1/2 has created a planner that students and families can follow along with. We will be sending it out to families and encouraging them to follow the journey. If the inquiry goes into a different direction (as it is bound to) we can express that on the diagram by creating a fork in the path, or a by-path.

Grade 3/4 is currently working on a similar model but using a more organic model, designed to make the macro concept of the unit (more details to follow).

Grade 5/6 is just finishing up THE PATH OF PHILOSOPHY, which was a physical representation of the planner posted up on the wall. Students were supported to go through at their own pace. The Torii represent the factual questions, the temples represent the conceptual questions. Each student had to show the teacher they could demonstrate each stage of PATH before moving on. 

How do you make planning visible to students and families?

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  1. Making planning accessible for students & parents is essential. Teachers need to stop hoarding information! Be proud!