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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


(a mini, professional inquiry)

1. Choose an area of learning

2. Use the 60 minutes provided to you this afternoon to delve into something that you have always wanted to do but never had the time.

3. Be prepared to share what you learnt with the group at the end of the 60 minutes.

4. EXIT TICKET: answer why & what

Note: this is not time to catch up on work. This is time to try something new (but you just haven’t had the time).

What did we do?

I am making a bank of word problems for math class that are differentiated by level of difficulty, that way the kids can self monitor and challenge themselves during numeracy centers (NH)

I am going to read through the Making Thinking Visible book and find some routines that are useful for my classroom (DY)

I am going to paint the wall with chalkboard paint (CC)

I am going to set up a home reading program for Japanese (RN)

I am going to set up a system to allow children to order new books for the library (ML)

I am going to set a system for students to reflect every week on their music learning (MW)

I am going to read the PYP in the Early Years website (RW)

I am going to create a system to formative assessment data (JK)

I am going to read Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller (CD)

I am reading up on Common Sense Media and how to teach digital skills to young children (CU)

I am trying to figure out more ways to integrate more ICT into my lessons (RC)

I am collating exit interview data and looking for patterns (AM)

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